We have finally made it to Straya! 

The trip was pretty long however I am proud of the students. They worked really hard to complete the immigration form and for the most part I just needed to check that they wrote the required information correctly.


At passport control they also spoke with the immigration officers and answered some questions about their trip.  The cabin attendants also pointed out that they tried realy hard to communicate with them when asked about meals options.


When we arrived at Hills College we were we greeted By Mr. Miwa. He reminded the students that they are not here on vacation but rather here to learn English and about Australian culture as well as sharing their culture with their host families and Australian classmates.  He gave them tips to become great members of their host families. He outlined the schedule for the duration of the time here.


Classes will start tomorrow and the students will have an English test to evaluate their individual English abilities. The students were told that during class time they are not permitted to speak Japanese but they are more than welcome to do so during recess (break time). 


All the students met their host families and it was great to see the smiles on their faces. I am really proud of them and I am excited to share the events in the coming days.