Aboriginal Field Trip



Student 1

I learned about Aborigine people. It was difficult for me to understand but I had a good time. My favorite thing that I learned is boomerang. Art was very interesting. I want to play again.


Student 2

I studied about Aborigine. It was very difficult. I made boomerang and it was fun. I bought a drink with my friends. It was very big.   If I have a chance, I want to buy that drink one more time.


Student 3

Today I went to Aboriginal Museum. First we learned how Aboriginal people live. It was good. Next we made boomerang and threw it and that was very fun. I enjoyed Aboriginal Museum.


Student 4

Today I learned about Aboriginal. I studied Aboriginal for the first time. I drank Frozen drink. It was delicious. I think i want to have frozen in Japan’s Seven- Eleven. Today was a good day.


Student 5

I experienced Aboriginal today. The boys did painting on their faces. He explained various trees. I also did shopping.   I drank a drink I bought at Seven- Eleven. I bought a lot of souvenirs.


Student 6

I learned about Aboriginal culture. I made a boomerang.   It was difficult but it was exciting. There were many leaves that smelled good. I want to go there one more time.


Student 7

Today I went to Aborigine Wanton Center. I played with boomerang and it was very hard. I think Aborigine medicine tree lemon is very good smell. I want to go there next time. I want to use many bass spray.


Students 8

I learned about Aborigine life. I think their life is so busy. I made boomerang. I did face paint. It was good but they didn’t sweat away. It was my first time to do face paint.