The Junior High School Global Students had their first mid- term test. The test evaluated the students’ ability to read and respond to questions related to a story. They were also required to write a short story using a picture as a cue. The students also had to apply grammar points learnt throughout the first half of the term. We are pleased with the effort that the students invested in studying, practicing and doing the test. All students were able to respond to all the questions and we are satisfied with the progress they have made and we are looking forward to the new challenges that we will embark on for the remaining of the term and school year.






 The Junior High School Global Students were introduced to a skit that they will attempt to remember for our open class on June 24th. We discussed the roles of each character and the general gist of the story. From now on we will work on pronunciation, intonation and speaking freely and confidently. We are positive that the students will do a really good job to show how great they have become at speaking and communicating in English.



文責:Carter, 伊藤