【中3グローバル】オーストラリア研修旅行⑩ Feb. 10




Student 1

I went to Dreamworld. It was very fun. I drank orange juice and it was delicious. I bought ring for my friend.


Student 2

Today we went to Dreamworld. First we watched Australia`s view. It was very beautiful. Next we rode scary attraction. It was scary but very good. I want to ride again. I bought souvenir for my family. Today was very fun and I want to go again.


Student 3

I went to Dreamworld by bus. The attraction that I rode first was very good quality. I was very surprised. I could buy souvenirs for my friends. I could have good time in Dreamworld.


Student 4

I went to Gold Coast. I rode a lot of attractions in Dreamworld. It was fun. I want to go there one more time.