【中3グローバル】オーストラリア研修旅行⑨ DAY9


Colonisation of Australia

The students studied about the basic history of Australia’s period of colonisation. They listened to a passage read to them by their teacher, Ms. Nicole, then answered comprehension questions about the passage. Please find below samples from the students.



The students were taught about finger prints and the use of our finger prints when we apply for passport or when investigators need to find criminals. The students then used ink to print their finger prints on their worksheet. The students were then told that someone among them committed a crime and they had to use magnifying glass as well as the prints from their worksheets to find the culprit. From the activity they were able to understand different patterns of fingerprints and tally the number for each type of prints.



I went to the gym with my host family and (*another classmate). I bought my own clothes. I was very happy. (By A.M)

Today was a rainy day. It was not a good day. I want it to be sunny tomorrow. (By N.S)