【中3グローバル】オーストラリア研修旅行⑧ DAY8

The theme for today’s lesson is `Thinking in English.`

The students were encouraged to think in English as oppose to translating from English to Japanese and vice versa. Ms. Nicole challenged the students to:


1. Speak to an animal to practice English

2. Change their phone setting to English

3. Talk with the cafeteria staff.

4. Immersion – listen to music, read English



Students looked for the meaning of pairs of homophones to find out the differences. They then had to write a homophone for a list of words that the teacher wrote on the whiteboard.



Today I studied about Australian slang. It was difficult because different English words. I like Mozi because it sounds good. Every day I have spelling test so I want to study more. (By S.T)