【中3グローバル】オーストラリア研修旅行⑤ DAY 4


The students went on a school excursion to Brisbane yesterday. Here are some excerpts from four of the students about their outing.



Today I went shopping with my classmates. I bought a lot of souvenir. It was very fun and I was tired. I saw a very beautiful view. It was very good. I ate bread (sandwich), snack and apple. It was delicious. I bought pineapple juice with my friends. If I have a chance. I want to buy one more time. (By N.S)


Today I had Australian field work. First I went to Art Museum but I couldn’t understand about the art. Next to Science Museum. I saw many animals. It was good because I like animals. I ate chicken sandwich for lunch. It was delicious. I want to enjoy (my) life in Australia. (By S.T)


I went to Brisbane today. I went to the mountain. The scenery was very beautiful. Brisbane town was very comfortable. I went to the museum. I saw Aboriginal art. There was something very strange. I went shopping. I bought a lot of brand things. I also bought sunglasses. (By A.S)


Today I went to the museum and shopping. Because today is the day for field trip. I think (it was) so good school trip. It was very beautiful but today was very hot. I was tired. Next I went shopping. It was very good. I buy pencilcase and souvenirs. (By K.O)