中3グローバルコース オーストラリア研修旅行③


The students had a great first night with their host families. They enjoyed the meals prepared and said they have been trying to communicate with the members of their host families. Overall the general atmosphere is great.

We started off the morning with a placement test. The students had to read and answer comprehension questions, answer grammar questions as well as a writing. After the paper test finished they had a short interview with their ESL teacher. The test will be used to plan further instruction for the coming weeks.


After the test, the students had English classes. Their teacher, Ms. Nicole, encouraged them to be active participants and to cheer each other on. They made short presentations to introduce themselves to the class. They then participated in an English game that required them to pronounce vocabulary words then match the said words on display at the other end of the room.


At the end of the day they were given five words to study for spelling test and to use the said words to make written sentences which they will read aloud in class tomorrow. In the class the students used dictionaries to give the definition of words in English.